When parents with high math anxiety help with homework, children learn less

If the thought of calculating a tip at a restaurant makes you nervous, then you are not alone. Math anxiety is common worldwide. Math anxiety can lead to poor performance and also deter people from taking math courses. This is because feelings of anxiety can tie up important cognitive resources (known as working memory), which are needed for solving […]

Apples and oranges: comparing our education system with other countries doesn’t always work

It’s known as the PISA/TIMSS travelling caravan. Each time international tests results are released with league tables showing winners and losers a gaggle of researchers, academics and assorted fellow travellers descend on the highest-performing country or education system to analyse and report on “world’s best practice”. US education scholar Henry Braun has noted: Delegations from lagging jurisdictions have […]

Our kids aren’t getting smarter. They are going backwards.

When she was Prime Minister Julia Gillard set an ambitious goal for Australian education- to be ranked as a top-five country in reading, mathematics and science by 2025. An important education report released overnight shows just how far we are from the goal. In fact Australian teenagers maths and reading skills have fallen so far […]