About us

About us

Australian Students are facing a crisis. Our children are not competing at the level required for us to compete on the World stage, Australia has fallen to 17th out of 39 major countries, and the Sciences have done the same, we are now ranked lower than Lithuania and Kazakhstan. Giftedthinkers.net was set up to provide a world class centre of excellence for Mathematics in Canberra, we use the Singapore model, tried and tested and have adapted it for the Australian Student in Canberra. Where will jobs of the future come from Where previously we used mathematics for subjects like physics and some of the sciences, we now use mathematics in Cryptography, blockchain technology, medicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, computer science, Artificial Intelligence, architecture, building, space and Big Data, submarine building, sport, nursing and even art subjects. 

Most importantly as we conquer space into the future, Mathematics is going to play a major role in data mining and data analytics, So where does Giftedthinkers.net come in? Giftedthinkers.net was set up to provide a world class centre of excellence for Mathematics in Canberra. Giftedthinkers .net, uses the Singapore syllabus to teach students in Canberra. The Syllabus was ranked no 1 in the world in 2016, it is 2 years ahead of Australia. Yes, a child in Singapore in Year 3 is equivalent to a child in Year 5/6 in Australia. The syllabus prepares children to think laterally. It teaches students how to look and understand models differently and ways to think outside the box, and affirms children in key concepts, (Please see the Syllabus attached). We have had much success in Canberra with the students we teach. Students have come to us that could barely understand fundamentals and by the end of the year, are getting A’s in class and loving the subject. Children who esteem to get into PULSE are given exercises which challenge them and prepare them for STEM subjects. My belief is that with hard work, dedication and practice, any child can be good at mathematics. Being good at Mathematics should not be a distant dream but an attainable adventure. This year we are taking on children from Year 1 to Year 12, Johann will continue to take children from Year 1 – 7, and Syed will take Year 7 – 12. Check out our AVAILABILITY AND RATES but most importantly please call us to get your child assessed. You will be surprised after the test that we set, where your child actually ranks and where they need to be to be competitive at school and on the global stage. Johann Tel: 0425317895 or drop us an E – mail at Giftedthinkers@yahoo.com.

Our Team

Johann D'souza


Johann loves teaching.  He is a self fulfilled Maths nerd.  He has had at least 20 years tutoring experience.  He concentrates and loves teaching children models, fractions and ratios and advocates the Singapore model for the best way to get children up to speed and be ahead in their grade. He loves teaching children understand the basics well and excels at teaching kids at the early age. He believes with discipline, children that are conscientious, and do the hard yards will get the results.  He’s done it and loves motivating children to excel. Johann believes his core strengths lie in creating for the child what is possible when they are faced with a poor foundation or taking children in PULS E to a new level . His job is to keep your child motivated, interested and working towards their goal. He concentrates on Children in Year 1 – 7. 



Syed graduated with a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering degree in June 2012. He joined Saqib Rose Academy, Karachi, as a Lecturer for Mathematics and Physics. He was also entrusted with an additional role of Career Counsellor by the Principal. He then completed a Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Science in June 2014 and a Masters of Mathematical Sciences in November 2017 from the Australian National University. Syed is well versed in Numerical Methods, Computational Mathematics 1, Scientific Computing, Numerical Optimisation and Matrix Computations. He has a very strong knowledge base in the field of Applied and Computational Mathematics. Syed will teach the higher levels from year 7-12. He will guide your child and ensure your child puts in the effort to get the desired result.