Objectives of the Mathematics Curriculum for , is to have children excel in their Age Group and have children grasp key concepts which will allow them to excel at school. Note: Upon taking tests, you may find that your child could be struggling with some of the concepts for his age group. Its best that as a parent or teacher that you step back and go back and build the confidence of the child by building the childs confidence at a slightly lower level and then upon improving, moving up and taking on the level in which they are meant to be in. Very often parents including students feel that they are not good enough and mentally keep repeating the words “ I’m not good at maths” or “ I am not of the standard required”. It is my hope that you say, “I’m slowly getting there and I may need a bit more time and effort and practice….. but I will get there”. The objectives of our mathematics programmes are to enable pupils to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts in the following areas:-

  • Numeracy calculations;
  • Geometry;
  • The beginning stages of Statistical analysis;
  • Basic Algebra;
  • Recognise spatial relationships in two and three dimensions;
  • Recognise patterns and relationships in mathematics;
  • Use common systems of units e.g Kms, kilograms;
  • Use mathematical language, symbols and diagrams to represent and communicate mathematical ideas;
  • Perform operations with;
  • Whole numbers;
  • Fractions;
  • Decimals;
  • Use geometrical instruments;
  • Perform simple algebraic manipulation;
  • Use calculators;
  • Develop ability to perform mental calculation; ( Speed maths)
  • Develop ability to perform estimations;
  • Develop ability to check reasonableness of results;
  • Present and interpret information in written, graphical, diagrammatic and tabular forms;
  • Use mathematical concepts learnt to solve problems;
  • Use appropriate heuristics to solve problems;
  • Apply mathematics to everyday life problems;
  • Think logically and derive conclusions deductively;
  • Develop an inquiring mind through investigative activities;
  • Enjoy learning mathematics through a variety of activities;

    YEAR 1

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    YEAR 3

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