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You are requested to fill in this form with details about your child. will then respond back to you to inform you if you have been allocated a place or if you have been placed on a waiting list. Please note each child that has been accepted will be required to sit for a test.  This is to assess  if your child is meeting the standards for his age group. There may be situations where your child is required to start at a lower level and build from there. This will be discussed with you in greater detail. Please note there are some sample tests on the website and while the questions may be challenging, it is important that your child does not feel that she is not up to standard, it just means that your child has not been given the required training as yet and just needs further exposure to these questions.



School Term-Tuition Dates

YEAR 2019

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Start Date

28th January

27th April

18th July

9th October

End Date

7th April

1st July

23th September

15th December

Fee Structure

Year 1-3

$35 per hour

x10 sessions per term

Year 4

$40 per hour

x10 sessions per term

Year 5

$42.50 per hour

x10 sessions per term

Year 6-7

$45 per hour

x10 sessions per term

Year 8-10

$50 per hour

x10 sessions per term

Year 11-12

$55 per hour

x10 sessions per term

(Note-year 8-12-Tuition and Training will be in the home of students) 
Note- discounts will be given to Families that enroll more than one child Discounts of %5 also apply for parents from Defence 
Teaching times are to be discussed with Johann and Bertram,Johann teaches on a daily basis in the evenings from 7-9.30 pm and on Weekends (Saturday 10-5, and 7-9 pm), on a Sunday 4-5 pm , and 7-9 pm). Bertrams hours are flexible and can be discussed.

For Syllabus from YEAR 1 – YEAR 7, please click here.