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Algebraic Specialisation Upper Secondary 3 & 4


This book is designed to provide students with intensive practice and application of numbers and algebra at upper secondary level.

It includes:

  • solving quadratic equations
  • indices
  • standard form
  • algebraic manipulation
  • application of algebraic manipulation in solving problem sums
  • solving linear inqualities
  • number patterns

The questions in each chapter are consciously categorised and lined up in 4 levels of difficulty. The objective is to help students to develop their confience as they progrss throughthe questions in each chapter.

The advance level questions require high order thinking and encourage students to think beyong the basic level, in terms of strengthening their understanding of mathematical concepts.

A checklist is provided for students to keep track of when they completed each exercise, problems they encountered, and whether they’ve mastered the topic.

Step-by-step solutions are included for all questions.


Year Level:    Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication:    2015
ISBN:    9789810933975
Subject:    Maths
Syllabus/Curriculum:    Singapore