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Classroom English Vocab/Grammar/ Comprehension Cloze 4


Does your mind blank out every time you are faced with a cloze passage?
Do you have difficulty deciding what appropriate words to use in a cloze passage so that it makes sense?

With the varied cloze passage exercises, the aim of this book is to enable pupils to acquire new vocabulary words so as to increase their word bank, which in turn will aid them in their cloze passage skills, as well as writing skills. The book also aims to help pupils boost their confidence in their learning of English as they sharpen their English in three principal areas, namely:

  • Literal language: Words and phrases in their specific or original language, without additional or derived meanings.
  • Figurative language: Words and phrases which are to be interpreted, not in their original meaning, but in a derived meaning.
  • Idiomatic language: Words and phrases which are used not in their original meaning, but in a figurative sense, which have become so commonly used and standardized that they have come to be known as idioms.

With these aims in mind, this book serves as a useful resource for teacher, parents, as well as tutors, who are looking to help pupils develop a stronger foundation in English and score in their cloze passages.


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