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IDIOMS for Creative Writing 5


Every language has its idioms. They are a traditional way of saying things and are often derived from the language that any group of people who live, work, play or function together develop and use for themselves. This book is designed to give students all the information they need to use idioms correctly and confidently.

The idioms are categorised according to subjects or topics that give a coherent and logical order to their learning. As students make their way through the books category by category, they will find their knowledge of idioms grow until finally, they acquire a mastery of the subject. Since people use idioms, both in formal and informal language, a mastery of idioms will enrich and enhance the students’ language because a well-placed idiom in a piece of writing gives it a voice of authority or the face of authenticity to a particular character. In this way students convey their message effectively while making their writing much more entertaining for the readers.


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