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Integrated Science for Lower Secondary Levels: Physics


Lower Secondary Science serves as the foundation and a conduit to scientific studies at upper secondary level.

This series provides an extensive and rigorous Lower Secondary Science curriculum. It originates from Singapore and is also a helpful resource for Australian students wanting to develop a greater understanding of science at lower secondary level.

Representing a part of Mavis Lower Secondary Science curriculum, Integrated Science: A Topical Course Assessment for Lower Secondary Levels was conceived to equip students with a comprehensive assessment package. The series comprises three books: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Questions for each chapter are allocated into three Skill Levels.

Skill Level 1 Lower Secondary Standard Questions

The questions in Skill Level 1 are written in accordance to the latest MOE Lower Secondary Science syllabus implemented in 2008. Questions at this level will test only the basic fundamental concepts and process skills in Lower Secondary Science. These include representatives of questions that frequently appear in school examinations.

Skill Level 2 Upper Secondary Standard Questions

Questions in Skill Level 2 are pitched at a higher standard and journey beyond the Lower Secondary Science syllabus. The questions at this level test concepts and process skills at the upper secondary standard and also include high frequency model questions that appear in school examinations.

Skill Level 3 IP and Independent Schools Standard Questions

This is the highest skill level with complex questions that are benchmarked by the standards of the science syllabuses of schools offering the Integrated Programme (IP) and the independent schools.

As you traverse through the questions in the three books, it is recommended that you begin with the first skill level and work your way up, gradually developing your mastery of each chapter. This book represents only a sample of the Lower Secondary Science curriculum in Mavis Tutorial Centre.


ISBN: 9789812749840