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Learning English Nursery


Learning English Nursery encourages English language learning through the introduction of the alphabet and recognition of key words, through real world themes to promote self-awareness and understanding of our world.

Why is this book useful to preschool children?

Foundation for Literacy Development
The reading and penmanship activities teach young children to recognise, remember and write the letters of the alphabet.

Enhancing Word Recognition Through Pictures
Vivid and interesting pictures accompanying the text allow children to learn and recognise words effectively.

Developing Self-awareness
The everyday themes help children to develop real world awareness so that learning becomes relevant, interesting and practical.

Learning Objectives
The key objectives and focus of the activities are provided at the bottom of the pages as a guide for parents and teachers.

What is the Learning series for preschool children about?

The Learning series for preschool children provides materials for essential subjects, English and Mathematics, to prepare preschool children for primary school education. Each subject comprises three levels: Nursery, K1 and K2. Learning English for preschool children uses a progressive learning structure to equip children to:

  • recognise, read and write the letters of the alphabet
  • build vocabulary and practise the correct usage of words in sentences
  • enhance writing skills through sentence formation and paragraph writing
  • acquire basic grammar concepts
  • understand and observe self and others


ISBN: 9789814672078