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Master the Art of Writing English Compositions Primary 6


Master the Art of Writing English Compositions Primary 6 is designed to stimulate creative thinking. Writing a good composition requires skills such as planning and also requires the use of appropriate vocabulary.

This book has an introduction on mind-mapping and each composition has a list of noteworthy vocabulary. You are encouraged to draw a mind map before proceeding with your composition writing as mind-mapping instils creativity.

There are many pieces that are real-life situations. In addition to actively reading story books, you should be aware of events happening in your daily life as well as incidents happening around you, as these events make good stories.

The model compositions are written to aid students in formulating their ideas. You are encouraged to write your own compositions before reading the model essay.

  • Introduction on mind-mapping
  • Vocabulary list in each composition
  • Real-life situation compositions

Colour. 155 pages.


  • An Armed Robbery
  • A Dental Visit
  • A Hawker Centre Incident
  • Serious Injury Caused to a Friend
  • Shoplifting
  • An Animal Abuse
  • A Break in
  • A Bus Journey Incident
  • Cheating in a Test
  • A Clumsy Waiter
  • A Dead Body
  • An Air Rage
  • Discovery of a Bomb
  • A Double Life
  • The Family Gathering
  • The Fire
  • The Flood
  • A Foreign Visitor
  • The Forgotten Gift
  • A Gang Fight
  • A Gang Youth Robbery
  • The Haunted House
  • A Hit and Run Accident
  • An Incident at The Zoo
  • A Kidnap
  • A Lift Robbery
  • The Lost Girl
  • The Lucky Draw
  • The Lunatic
  • The Midnight Rendezvous
  • Mishap at a Fun Fair
  • A Mistaken Identity
  • A Pickpocket
  • The Picnic
  • The Pirates
  • Playing a Trick
  • Plight of a Bankrupt
  • A Quarrel between Neighbours
  • A Quarrel in a Shop
  • A Reunion
  • The Road Bully
  • The School Bully
  • A Shark Attack
  • The Stampede
  • A Surprise Party
  • Swimming
  • Tragedy at Home
  • Trapped in a Lift
  • An Unexpected Visitor
  • A Visit to the Doctor


ISBN: 9789810857738