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PSLE Mastering Mathematics Problem Sums


This book is specially written to provide a wide range of problem sums for pupils.

  • 30 common types of problem sums are presented in the book.
  • Examples are used to illustrate how these sums can be solved. With each type of problem sum introduced, you can use the strategy learned to solve similar types of problem sums by attempting the practice questions which follow immediately.
  • Tutorial Questions are presented after every few problem sum types to serve as revision.

Here the different types of questions are mixed up so that you can train yourself to use the correct strategy learned to solve each of the problem sums. 10 sets of test papers, each comprising 10 questions, are given after all the 30 key types of problem sums are introduced. Here, you can revise all the strategies learned as well as explore new strategies to solve other types of problem sums which are not covered earlier.


ISBN: 9789814326445
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