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Complete Smart Series Science Primary 3 & 4


The Primary 3&4 Complete Smart Series Science is specially designed to meet the requirements of the lower primary level (Singapore curriculum). The brief notes provide students with a strong foundation of each topic.

A list of objectives for each chapter — ‘By the end of the chapter’ and summaries of the topics covered in each chapter — ‘Quick Glance’ are given at the beginning of each topic. Additional information — ‘Did You Know?’ are also included to enhance their learning process.

At the end of each topic is a test for students to practise to ensure that they master each topic well. To provide an all-round assessment, Revision Papers are also provided at the end of each theme. Each paper consists of multiple choice questions and open-ended questions. Answers with explanations are also provided to guide students in answering the questions.


  • Diversity
    • Living and Non-Living Things
    • Animals
    • Plants
    • Fungi and Bacteria
    • Materials
    • Revision Paper
  • Cycles
    • Life Cycles
    • Matter
    • Revision Paper
  • Systems
    • Plant System
    • Human System
    • Revision Paper
  • Interactions
    • Magnets
    • Revision Paper
  • Energy
    • Light
    • Heat
    • Revision Paper
  • Answers


ISBN: 9789810910884