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Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom: Primary 6


In Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom: Primary 6, students refine and strengthen their problem-solving skills by practicing a variety of approaches that can be used to solve sixth grade math calculations. The approaches include Make a Comparison Model, Use Units, Use the Identity Concept, Create a “Before and After” Table, Make a Flow Chart, Create Algebraic Expressions, Apply Formulas, and more! The Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom series is based on the latest syllabus of the Singapore Ministry of Education and is written exclusively for primary students to systematically develop competency in thinking skills and problem-solving heuristics. The six books in the series help students become better problem solvers using Singapore Math’s “4-Step Thinking Process”:

Step 1: Understand the problem;

Step 2: Decide on an approach;

Step 3: Solve problem using the selected approach;

Step 4: Check the solution. This “4-Step Thinking Process” breaks down learning objectives in a way that is easy for students to digest as they build their foundation in math.


ISBN: 9789810119782