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Learning English 6


The main objective of Learning English Workbooks 1-6 is to help strengthen and enrich a student’s grasp of the English language.


  • Table of Contents
    This shows clearly the key objectives and focus of each exercise and where online activities are tagged, making it easier to identify specific aspects of language learning.
  • Practice Exercises
    The exercises are designed to enable learning in the four main areas of Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing.
  • Glossary
    The meanings of selected words from each exercise are found here to build vocabulary and improve comprehension.
  • Answers
    The answers can be used as an independent booklet. The answer key contains answers to questions on Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and model answers for Writing. There are also suggested answers for open-ended exercises.
  • Tear-out Format
    This means the lessons and exercises can be easily removed and presented as homework or class work or quizzes. The glossary and answer pages can be removed and filed away for future reference.


ISBN: 9789814640565