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Primary 6A Thematic Vocabulary


It is of critical importance that students ace their English language examinations. To achieve this, it is crucial that they build their vocabulary bank. The most effective way to enhance vocabulary learning is to teach them new words through themes. Hence thematic lessons are adopted in Singapore schools.

Thematic Vocabulary is designed to reflect all the themes covered in Singapore‚Äôs school textbooks. The lesson-by-lesson format that is adopted in this series ensures that users are empowered with the correct use of words needed both in the classroom and during examination.

Each thematic lesson comprises:

  • Commonly-tested words

The definition and usage of these words are taught.
Additionally, a similar word is given for each word to further expand their vocabulary bank.

  • Consolidated write-up

Words that have been taught are featured in a consolidated write-up in the form a story. This feature reinforces the correct use of the new words they have learnt.

  • Vocabulary exercises

These vocabulary exercises are carefully crafted in the current PSLE testing format. They offer excellent training for students to make them exam-savvy.

General revision exercises are also incorporated throughout the book to facilitate mastery of the new words.

This series is the indispensable tool that will mould students to be masters in vocabulary and ensure they become savvy candidates.


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