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Learning Mathematics for Primary 6 + Geniebook


This book comes with a Geniebook code. Register your code at geniebook.com/sap to access revision tests for progressive assessment.

Learning Mathematics is a series of comprehensive workbooks that provide students with ample practice on various mathematics question types.

  • Summary of Learning Objectives
    Refer to the overview of the topics in the book, which sets the pace for learning each topic.
  • Work Performance Table
    Track your progress record for self-assessment and evaluation.
  • Formulae Sheet
    Check and recall the essential and critical mathematical formulae and information for each topic.
  • Topical Exercises
    Work on these questions to become familiar with various question types.
  • Review Papers / Revision Tests
    Test yourself! This is the best way to assess your understanding of the topics taught and learnt.
  • Online Diagnostic Testse with Geniebook
    Let Geniebook mark and analyse your answers to receive personalised practice questions!
  • Non-routine Questions
    Understand heuristics better. Try these non-routine questions to develop your thinking and analytical skills.
  • Additional Activities
    Try these activities that test your understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Step-by-step Solutions
    Learn from the carefully worked out solutions included at the back of the book.

Through this comprehensive workbook, students can gain a thorough understanding of the mathematical concepts, hone their problem-solving skills and develop creative and critical thinking skills. This book will inspire confidence as the student progresses.

Year Level:   Year 1
Date of Publication:    2020
Syllabus/Curriculum:    Singapore


ISBN: 9789814754439