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Primary Level SCORE Workbook 5 (NEW)


The SCORE series aims to build a student’s proficiency in English week by week, slowly and steadily. Spread over 52 weeks, the 100+ exercises cover essential grammar items and introduce vocabulary through varied text types.

The exercises are based on everyday themes, so students can understand the use of the language in context.

Learning Objectives are tagged to the exercises, and each exercise focuses on different skill sets.

Vocabulary Corner provides a quick check on the meanings of selected words used in the exercises.

Useful Web Link recommends websites that can help enhance understanding and learning of specific topics. The tear-out format
allows the exercises to be removed easily. They can be conveniently assigned as class work or homework.

The Performance Record allows students to keep track of their progress.

Answers are included so work can be assessed quickly.

Through the varied practices and abundant exercises, students will build up their English language skills and be confident learners of the language.


ISBN: 9789814418201