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Primary Maths Handbook 4


The Mathematics Tutor Primary 4 Handbook is intended to complement the Mathematics Tutor series by Casco. This book compiles all the formulae, notes, concepts, examples and tips into one complete book that is light and handy for your reference and last minute revision.

As we all know, the subject of mathematics involves many formulae and concepts which are essential for one to attempt the questions and problems posed. It is felt that a comprehensive book which incorporates all these can be made available to every student so that he or she is able to make a quick reference while working on mathematics problems.

This book is comprehensively organized by topics. It contains the following features:

  • Formulae

All the formulae that you will ever need are now compiled into one book.

  • Notes and Concepts

Where relevant, concise notes and concepts are also provided.

  • Examples

Where necessary, one or two examples are specially written to illustrate how the formulae work.

  • Tips

These are provided to help you understand the concepts better.

This handbook is a most suitable companion during your exercises, revision and preparation for examinations. It is hoped that it will provide you with another tool towards your success in mathematics.


ISBN: 9789814783071
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