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Science @ Mavis Integrated Science Biology


Science @ Mavis Integrated Science can be used as a comprehensive assessment package for lower secondary levels. Each chapter opens with the Key Assessment Objectives which list what each skill level covers within the topic. Answers are included for all questions.

Skill Level 1: Lower Secondary Standard Questions test only the basic fundamental concepts and process skills for lower secondary science.

Skill Level 2: Upper Secondary Standard Questions are pitched at a higher standard that goes beyond the Singapore syllabus for Lower Secondary Science. This level tests concepts and process skills at the upper secondary standard.

Skill Level 3: IP & Independent Schools Standard Questions consists of the highest skill level with complex questions that are benchmarked by the standards of science syllabuses of Singapore schools offering the Integrated Programme.


  • Chapter 1: Classification of Living Things
  • Chapter 2: Cells to Systems
  • Chapter 3: Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport
  • Chapter 4: Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 5: Respiration
  • Chapter 6: Digestion
  • Chapter 7: Transport in Plants
  • Chapter 8: Transport in Humans
  • Chapter 9: Sexual Reproduction
  • Chapter 10: Ecology
  • Answers

ISBN: 9789814606998
Year Level: Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication: 2015
Subject: Biology, Science
Syllabus/Curriculum: Singapore


SG Curr.

Year Level

Year 7, Year 8