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Step by Step English for Creative Writing Champions 2


This book is created for the purpose of building a firm foundation in vocabulary and phrases for Primary Two students. This series has been meticulously designed with a process-driven approach.

Each unit begins with an expertly written composition that encourages a curiosity about the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases in categories to highlight their creative bend. Exercises designed around strategies that help students find the meaning of these unfamiliar words and phrases then follow. The rationale of these exercises is students need to encounter words and phrases repeatedly and in a range of contexts before they become part of their working vocabulary. Therefore the approach of this series is simply to have student:

  • 1. Internalise the structure of effective stories
  • 2. Learn new words and phrases
  • 3. Become sensitive to well-chosen words and phrases
  • 4. Notice powerful stand-alone sentences
  • 5. Appreciate the beauty of amazing paragraphs
  • 6. Get hooked, then they write and write and write……


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