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Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom 2


Problem-solving Beyond the Classroom is written based on the Singapore Ministry of Education 2014 Mathematics syllabus.


Aligned with the successful My Pals are Here! Maths series, this book is packed with cross-referencing links to help reinforce the concepts and strategies learnt. Numerous teaching tips are incorporated to guide pupils through more advanced sums.


Problem-solving heuristics methods are structured in a systematic way to stimulate critical thinking and boost the pupils’ ability and confidence through exposures to various types of problem sums. ‘The 4-Step Thinking Process’ approach breaks down the heuristic methods in a way that is easy to digest and understand for pupils who are building up their Mathematical foundations.



Unit 1: Addition of Whole Numbers (Heuristic: Find A Pattern)

Unit 2: Subtraction of Whole Numbers (Heuristic: Drawing A Diagram)

Unit 3: Multiplication (Heuristic: Systematic Listing)

Unit 4: Division (Heuristic: Working Backwards)

Unit 5: Money (Heuristic: Guess and Check)

Unit 6: Fractions (Heuristic: Create A Table)

Unit 7: Measurement (Heuristic: Problems Involving Speration

Unit 8: Picture Graphs (Heuristic: Mathematical Investigation With Shapes)


ISBN: 9789810195915